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LEADWELL LTC-35 BOXWAY CNC LATHE Specification Download PDF brochure.

  • Make : LEADWELL
  • Subcategory : CNC Slant Bed Lathe


Leadwell LTC Series CNC Lathes
Box Ways (LTC series)
The LTC series turret features a robust casting and a large coupling face adding
extra rigidity to the machine. The added rigidity provides increased metal removal
rates, extends tool life, enhances finishes, and insures long term accuracy.
A reliable high torque hydraulic indexing motor controls turret rotation, deceleration
and clamping. Turret indexing is bi-directional with a 0.25 second station to station
indexing time.
LEADWELL uses only top quality well-ribbed castings. Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
is used on each new casting to determine the size and location of all internal ribs
ensuring high torsional stiffness and minimum vibration. The cast iron base, cross slide,
headstock, slide, & tailstock have over 10 times the dampening capacity of those made from steel resulting in superior cutting performance.
LEADWELL produces a superior spindle. Built with high precision P4 grade bearings, the one-piece cartridge ensures precise alignment for smooth run-out free operation.
The massive headstock, rigid spindle, and superior bearing design, along with high RPM, facilitate heavy stock removal and precision tolerances.
Both the headstock and spindles are machined in a temperature-controlled environment is assembled in a clean room.
LEADWELL uses only premium quality preloaded double-nut ball screws from THK, IBL, STAR and HIWIN. On the LTC series machines each ball screw is accurately aligned parallel to the guide ways and anchored at both ends. They are then pre-tensioned to improve machine stiffness. The rotational torque variation is inspected to guarantee a non-binding, highly accurate, and long running components. With this design the LTC-Series can exceed customer requirements for accuracy and maximum life.
The heavy-duty tailstock is attached to the lower guide of the machine base. The heavy
casting, large diameter quill and precision Morse taper center provide outstanding
rigidity. In addition, the quill adjustment is hydraulic adding to the rigidity of the machine.
Optional Programmable Tailstocks available on all models.
Optional rotary tailstocks available on all models.
All servo motor driven axes are mounted on precision linear bearings, which ride on hardened steel ways. These precision guideways require no adjustment, and the servo motors consume less power. With LEADWELL’s linear motion guides X-Axis can reach a speed of 20 M/min (787 ipm) and Z axis up to 24 M/min (945 ipm).
The LTC series utilizes precision box ways for high horse power machining. The extra rigidity of the box ways provides stability for precision turning.
The automatic tool setter is an option on LTC series machines. This tool setter has a touch sensor that can measure varying tool lengths and detect broken tools.
If can be easily programmed to store all the tool information to reduce tool changing time.
LEADWELL unique parts catcher improves productivity with bar feeder option. It automatically
rotates into to position under the finished part and transfers it outside the operator door. This
eliminates the need to stop the machine and retrieve the finished parts.
The majority of all turned parts require additional machining (milling, drilling, tapping etc.). LEADWELL offers two options that turn their CNC lathes into make a multi-process turning center.
These options provide the benefits of a lathe, plus extra versatility of a machining center. This allows you to complete parts faster and more efficiently all in one package. These options are available on many of the T series machines.
LEADWELL’s high performance bar feeder with easy bar loading improves productivity.
Sub Spindle Option
This option replaces the traditional tailstock with a second spindle. This sub-spindle is fully synchronized allowing the work piece to be passed from the main headstock spindle to the sub-spindle automatically. This allows the part to be completed on one machine.
Live Tooling Option
The live tooling option turns the turret into multiple auxiliary spindles. The turret spindle supports milling, drilling, and tapping.
C-Axis Option
The headstock spindle becomes a fully programmable servo axis with the
C-Axis option.
C Axis index resolution:0.001 degrees.
By synchronizing the optional C Axis with the live tooling, machining of cylindrical cams and other complex work pieces becomes easy, saving
time and money for each part.
Switching between normal turning & synchronization with live tooling takes
less than 1 second.



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